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Matthieu Bidart

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Précédents : French corner, Creativekids Kindergarten, Eanna Agency, "Cliff " Hotel, Thailande, Ho-Tee school, French government


Précédents : 辽宁中医大学, Liaoning University, University Of Paris Dauphine


    En résumé

    I am a French citizen who has been living in china for four years . After I get my bachelor degree in sociology , I have worked for the French government for three years . In 2008 ,I ve left France and get a job as an English teacher in Taiwan for a year. In 2011, I have been a student at liaoning medicine University for a year where I ve studied Chinese . Since 2012 , I m a freelancer translator ( Chinise-English-French)



Chez Bidart translation

De novembre 2011 à aujourd'hui
Freelancer translator Chinese-English-French

English teacher & tutor

Chez Creativekids Kindergarten

De août 2011 à novembre 2011
Work at Creativekids Kindergarten as an English teacher, teach French as a tutor.

辽宁中医大学, Shenyang


De 2010 à 2012
Study mandarin (liaoning medicine university ) HSK (level 5 )

Liaoning University, 沈阳

辽宁中医药大学 liaoning university

De septembre 2010 à juillet 2011


Chez Eanna Agency

De septembre 2010 à janvier 2011
Translator from Chinese to English-English to Chinese

Waiter & receptionist

Chez "Cliff " Hotel

De mars 2010 à septembre 2010
Work in England at "Cliff " Hotel-restaurant as a waiter, receptionist and sometimes serves as a barman

English teacher & educator

Chez Thailande

De juillet 2009 à février 2010
Teaching kids from 8 to 18 years old

English teacher

Chez Ho-Tee school

De juillet 2008 à juillet 2009
Teaching kids from 6 to 15


Chez French government

De juillet 2005 à juillet 2008
BORDEAUX at "Hall Town" as Territorial agent. Within the job: Administrative


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