Ruobi Shi

Ruobi Shi

General manager, Qingdao tostar International trading Co., Ltd

Currently employed at Qingdao tostar International trading Co., Ltd



    Our specialized services include identification of local partners and business matchmaking. We also work as a “purchasing agent” representing your company. We can negotiate, validate and contract the purchasing conditions defined by our customers and assist them for following their purchasing programs with the local suppliers awarded We provide a full range of comprehensive production and logistics management services that safely allows our clients to take full advantage of the cost advantages of China production without the associated quality risks. We guarantee lowest market prices for required quality standards, minimal financial investment, low minimum quantities, high product quality, and quick turnaround time for samples, mass production and delivery. Services include: Sourcing. Depending on the product make-up, we identify the most qualified final product supplier, sub-component suppliers, and sub-assembly suppliers to ensure final product quality. Negotiation. We negotiate directly with each supplier and sub-supplier individually to reduce product unit costs to a minimum, without compromising the integrity of the product, in order to maximize value to clients. Production Management. We provide on-site quality control management at every step of production, identifying and solving problems at the point of production. Working closely with the manufacturers we expedite production lead time while ensuring specifications are met exactly. Shipment. Depending on the good type, weight, size, and delivery timeline, we choose the most appropriate freight type to optimize cost savings. Our long relationships with dozens of world class freight forwarders and carriers allows us to book containers, freight space quickly at discounted cost. We always search for increased opportunities on a global basis especially for potential partners who wish to do business within/between China and with/between Australia. Specialties:· Import and Export matters in Mainland China · Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) import permits · Establish business vehicles in China for foreign companies · Manage small and medium-size companies (sales, operations, procurement, management) · Smooth adaptation to different cultures · Build strong and healthy international relationships


General manager

At Qingdao tostar International trading Co., Ltd

From 2011 to Present