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    A certified Sage Partner ---------------------------------- NextInside China is the largest SAGE ERP X3 dedicated independent integrator in China mainland. NextInside China has been founded in 2008 by Pierre CORVAISIER, formerly SAGE China professional services X3 director, international project director and collaborator of the SAGE group in France for X3 for 20 years. Main offices located in Shanghai, NextInside typically focuses on corporate X3 project implementation and deployment in ASIA (China, Japan), with deep collaboration with SAGE China consulting teams on both history accounts (such as Saint Gobain and L’Oreal) and local China cases (such as LISI automotive Beijing and Shanghai). NextInside is also editor of third party solutions for SAGE X3 ERP, addressing both supply chains business flows and inter enterprises exchanges, and the short term execution control level with solutions for shop floor control, production tracking and barcoding. Currently staffs 15 collaborators, Chinese and French, with 2011 incomes of 5 million RMB services and licenses. Some of our references ---------------------------------- L’Oréal, Saint-Gobain, Ensival-Moret, Chomarat, Lisi Automotive… For further information: ------------------------------- - Visit our website: - Call us: +86 (021) 33310361 - Email us:



NextInside Barcoding Solution

At NextInside China

From January 2012 to Present
Brief Introduction ------------------------ NEXTINSIDE Barcoding solution is designed to significantly save time and avoid manual errors during X3 tracking operations directly from warehouse and shop floor. The bar code terminal scans and collects data within the NextInside software. The...
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NextInside Data Exchanger Solution

At NextInside China

From February 2011 to January 2012
Brief Introduction ------------------------ NEXTINSIDE Data Exchanger is a dedicated platform for electronic data exchanges between several SAGE X3 instances, other corporate applications and clients, suppliers or logistic business partners. Designed on the top of our cross automation engine and...
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NextInside Shopfloor Control Solution

At NextInside China

From March 2010 to February 2011
Brief introduction ------------------------ NEXTINSIDE Shopfloor Control is designed to track physical work-in-progress flow between operations involved in a manufacturing process. Extending Sage ERP X3 work order tracking, Shop floor control provides information about each traveler or container...
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