Luigi Cormaci

Luigi Cormaci

Deputy General Manage, TMC. SS

Shanghai, China

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His background

  • Today

    Deputy General Manage

    TMC. SS

    As Deputy general manager of just new company I have to focus on all tasks, the difficult things is to be able to which the priority on the right problem in the right moment. Following the main responsibility:

    Planning Administration:
    Provide leadership and vision to the organization, development of long range and annual plans.

    HR management:
    Policy development and documentation, recruitment and contracting, performance management and improvement system, employee relation.

    Project management:
    Manage the start up of production, investments and organization.

    Sales, Marketing and customer service:
    Manage advertising opportunities; manage press technical development, collaboration with universities. Development new market, increase portfolio of after sale service.

    Financial Management:
    Provide recommendations regarding investments and cash strategies. Preparations of annul budget, variance statements and annual audit.

    Administrative management:
    Maintain general oversight and insure accuracy of record including A/R, A/P, and inventory, ect.
    Asset in development of forms and tools to increase company efficiency and better risk management.

    Production /QC: direct and oversight site production activities and personnel; oversee and ensure high safety and standard at all time. Direct and oversight QC activities
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    MBA - C business in China
    MBA -C
  • Today

    Technologies China Manager

    SEVES Sediver China group

    I was responsible for Seves China Group to follow up all the technologies related issues and improve the plants and their production efficiency both in terms of cost and quality of the work done.
    I collaborated with all the production units in order to realize the necessary improvements to keep Seves Group on the top in terms of safety, quality, productivity and efficiency.
    Periodic Audits to the productive units, with particular analysis of the safety condition, and of the status of the equipments, check if have some problems need to resolve or some improvements to introduce
    Periodic Audit in collaboration with QA manager to homologates suppliers
    Support for the preparation of the technical investments budget; make the schedule of job and possible assistance for their realization.
    Analysis and suggestions technical solutions for improvements of efficiency and productivity
    Project manager for the group project “PRODUCT COST REDUCTION”, redesign SEVES products to get at least 10% cost reduction
  • Today

    Plan manager

    SEVES Shanghai Glass SEVES Group

    Italian JV 90/10 turnover 18 mil Euro/year, around 200 heads
    Position: Plant Manager
    Report: GM China, collaborate with all Group Directors
    Responsible for glass plant in Shanghai.
    In charge of production, engineering, Logistic, Quality and Technology,
    I also offered my support on a group level in sourcing and certification activities.
     Reach the production’s budget after one year from star up
     Reorganization of the productive structures, outputs alignment with the performance of European Group factories.
     creation a good job team, make well collaboration between expatriated and local workers
     implementation SAP
     in 2006 get the ISO 9001 Quality System Certification
     new packing design with 10% saving
     12% reduction of transportation cost
     Homologation and Certification of Chinese suppliers to supplier other factories in SEVES group.
  • Today

    Project manager

    SEVES Italia

    SEVES Italia
    Position: Project Manager China Project
    Report: technology Group Director, collaborate GM China
    Technical Support to Setup of a Sino-Italian joint venture in Shanghai China for production of toughening glass shell with total capital investment l; 24.000.000 euro,
    Project in Brazil - Updated and installed a production line of high voltage toughening glass insulators, total investment 1,200,000 Euro, import in duty free.
     Design, industrialization and homologation of new type toughening glass insulator for the Chinese.
     Support for new China organization
     New production solution, saving around 2 million RMB per year.
    Dielve Spa glass insulator assembly factory
    Position: Chief project Engineering (JV in TianJin)
    Report: to CEO, collaborate with Plant manager Italy and GM TianJin China
    Responsible for technology, engineering and quality
    Improve and design production line for glass shell and assembly unit.
    Support to Setup of a Sino-Italian joint venture in TianJin China for production of toughening glass insulators with capital investment of USD 1,500,000, all most the equipments come from Europe, import in duty free. Construction and start-up of a manufacturing plant 11 months later.
    Main task, support the Board in technical field for the negotiation with Chinese partner, support the design, purchasing and realization of the factory and the production line. Sourcing of the main suppliers in China, production start up and quality system implementation
    - Close the JV negotiation in 4 months
    - Sourcing and certification of the suppli
    - Quality System implementation

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His skills

  • Account management
  • Strategy Planning
  • Strategy
  • Purchase
  • Planning
  • Orientation
  • Negotiation
  • Multicultural environment
  • Multicultural
  • Microsoft Project Management
  • Microsoft Project
  • Management
  • Environment
  • Culture
  • Cost control
  • China
  • Business plan
  • Business
  • Supply chain

About him

My career started in 1991 as mechanical designer and since 2004 I've been living in Shanghai.
I have succeeded in coping with daily increasing responsibilities as designer, technical support, plant manager, Technologies manager China and now as Deputy General manager. I have successfully managed 3 plant start up, moved Shanghai plant on the top level in the SEVES group with strong control and better organization I increased the production rate from 60% to 75% in 10 months.
Today as Deputy General manager, I have succeed on the start up in time and I’m working on the company organization.
I am a hard worker; strong team player and I cope well with multi cultural environments.
I always aim at exceeding given target sharing my success with my team.
I am a proactive person, with well developed problem solving ability, able to listen to support the team decision even if they are different from mine.
I am very client focused; I use my knowledge, leadership and passion for succeed in win - win solutions.

Management in multicultural environment - China culture - business plan - cost control - industrial strategy planning - project management - purchase and supply chain - account management orientation and bringing VOC (voice of the customer) - negotiation - communication - build relationship - coaching and team building - basic HR - 6 sigma - lean manufacturing - TPM - innovation and creativity - design - glass production knowledge

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Recent contacts
Cai Jinqi
  • General Manager, Shanghai Qinghang Air-filmed Resistance-reduced Ship Ltd.,Co.
Yvonne Shen
  • Senior Mandarin Teacher, Heavenly Mandarin Language Institute
Michael Ma
  • Exporting manager, Shanghai Run Asia Industry Co.,Ltd.
Long Hai Vuong

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