Frederico Thibault

Frederico Thibault

General Manager, Ningbo Team Truck Components (TTC)

Ningbo, China

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His background

  • Today
    July 2012

    General Manager

    Ningbo Team Truck Components (TTC)

    Managing 10 Workers, 1 Buyer, 1 Quality manager and 1 financial and Human-Resources manager.
    Reducing production/labour cost but also purchasing prices through a continuous quality improvement and supplier-sourcing.
    Ensure the well-running operation of the factory to provide good-cheap parts in a shorter delivery-time, controlling prices/margins and increase the turn-over.
  • Today
    June 2012
    November 2010

    Supply Chain Manager

    Ningbo Team Truck Components (TTC)

    For this position,
    I am in charge of everything concerning the production, from the establishment of the production-planning, to managing the team-leaders and dealing with maintenance.
    I am also supervising the quality-manager to help him find out the most appropriated solutions to punctual or recurring quality problems, creating and improving our quality procedures.
    Another important task I am in charge of is dealing with our customer-orders, supervising our buyer, verifying the delay and prices of our various suppliers, and define the loading and sending time of our goods.
    Another task is the pricing, controlling our margins and creating new quotations for news goods.
    The most interesting thing in this position is the various kind of work I do each day, which requires constant to deal with various files and works on the same time.
  • Today
    October 2010
    July 2010

    Technical-Comercial Engineer

    10 - 49 employees

    Training around Afhymat's products, quality and services.
    Preparing my 2 years-mission in China
  • Today
    June 2010
    January 2010

    Student - Validation&Test Engineer

    Mecaplast Wuhan

    Main Topic:
    Designing non-standards jigs for test and validation.
  • ISAT Nevers

    Automotive Engineering - Mechanical engineer
  • Today
    August 2009
    July 2009

    Roofer Assistant

    Gallopin Frères SA

    Summer's job.
  • Today
    December 2008
    September 2008

    Student - Internship

    Wuhan University Of Technology

    Main Topic:
    Coordinated control of automatic transmission and dry clutch on a hybrid powertrain.

    (Mechanics on test-bench and programming ECU by Matlab)
  • Today
    August 2008
    July 2008

    Roofer Assistant

    Gallopin Frères SA

    Summer's job.
  • Today
    August 2007
    July 2007

    Roofer Assistant

    Gallopin Frères SA

    Summer's job.
  • Today
    August 2006
    July 2006

    Roofer Assistant

    Gallopin Frères SA

    Summer's job.
  • Lycée Geoffroy StHilaire

    Scientific bachelor

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His skills

  • Quality
  • Automotive
  • Qualité
  • Microsoft Office
  • Mechanics
  • Engineering
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Mechanical
  • Navision
  • Management
  • English
  • Chine
  • China
  • CFD
  • Catia
  • AutoCAD

His languages

  • French
    ****Mother tongue
  • English
  • Chinese

    His hobbies

    Passionate of automotive and Chinese culture

    About him

    Graduated from ISAT University, “Institut Supérieur de l’Automobile et des Transports” at Nevers, France, where I received a master-degree in Mechanical-Engineering, Material & Structures specialty, started my career here in China was a personal and professional choice, made after my two experiences in Wuhan:
    First as PH.D Assistant at the well-known Wuhan University of Technology,
    Then as Test & Validation Engineer-assistant at the Wuhan-MECAPLAST plant.

    These two experiences in China opened my mind on the high evolution potential on the Chinese-industry but also on the Western methods and knowledge needed and asked by most company here.

    Therefore, I decided to start by a 2 years V.I.E-contract (French-European Contract, helping young graduates going abroad) and officially started my career in Ningbo China on November 2010 as Supply Chain Manager in the Chinese-subsidiary production-plant. At this date, I was managing 5 workers, 1 Buyer and 1 Quality Assistant.
    After less than 2 years of well-improved productivity, quality and costing-reducing, I became General Manager of the plant end of June 2012, combines with my previous Supply Chain Manager position. I am now managing 10 workers, 1 Buyer, 1 Quality manager and 1 Financial & Human-Resources manager.

    Strengthened by this accumulated knowledge and experiences in financial, production and quality management, I am now looking for a qualified-position in a major car-manufacturer and automotive-suppliers in Wuhan (Hubei).

    Young, highly motivated, with strong skills in mechanical, I can firmly manage and animate team-projects, with respect and friendly communication with team-workers and hierarchy.
    Easily acclimate in new working atmosphere; I am looking for a manager position in Production and/or Quality but also Research & Development departments.

    Familiar with these softwares:
    NAVISION (ERP): Production, Acounting, Stocks, ...
    QA/QC: Kaizen and PDCA particularly
    OFFICE (microsoft)
    PROJECT (microsoft)

    His activity on Viadeo

    Recent contacts
    Dipika Singh
    Frédéric Petit
    Equipe Recrutement ALTEN Automobile et Ferroviaire
    Sébastien BOUCRAUT

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